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Optician Highlight: Meet Kortney

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As our Optical Shoppe’s 20th anniversary year comes to a close, we’re highlighting our final optician, Kortney! Read on to learn more about her and why she loves helping COA patients find the perfect glasses.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your family.

As a kid, I grew up in Glendive, Montana on a farm where I raised cows and horses. I participated in 4H, played some sports like basketball, and ran track. I moved to Columbus when I was 16 years old to be closer to my dad. At the age of 21, I had my first child. Her name is Paiton. She has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Over the years, I have met great people and made some amazing friends while being an optician. I am grateful!

2. What attracted you to be part of the COA team?

The biggest attractions for me were handling optical problems seen on a daily basis as well as taking away knowledge from the incredible physicians and leaders at COA. I wanted to be part of something bigger and better than just selling glasses. Yes—I know this is my job, but I feel like this job comes in layers. The more you know optically, the better you are as an optician! Knowing your product is one thing, but knowing why your patient needs this product and how it could help them is another.

3. How do you ensure a “perfect fit” for each patient?

Ensuring a perfect fit is all about understanding the use of glasses for a patient. As you know, glasses come in many shapes and sizes! First, I check their old pair of glasses. This helps me understand what they are used to wearing. Then, I make sure the eye size is right for the lens recommendation and check the fit of the bridge and temples. This ensures there is room for adjustments if needed in the future.

4. Why did you choose to become an optician?

I think this job picked me! Before, I was a receptionist scheduling appointments at an optical shop chain. My boss at the time helped me start my apprenticeship because I wanted to learn more about being an optician. I fell in love with people’s reactions after they received corrective lenses. The face a child makes after getting glasses for the first time is so rewarding! Who wouldn’t want to do this forever? This makes me happy!

5. What is it you most enjoy about being an optician?

I love feeling like I’m helping people!

6. What do you do to help children choose the best frame?

It is important to let the child have some say in the color and style when picking out their frames! Depending on the child’s daily activities and what their glasses will be used for, it can narrow down the style you help them pick out. The size and fit are so important for a child—the fit has to be on point!

7. What skills are essential to being a great optician?

As an optician, you must have patience! Staying up to date on the brands, new frame styles, lens treatments, and lens designs is important. Staying educated optically and having troubleshooting skills are also important. Finally, being able to manage your time and also working well with others help make you a great optician.

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