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Ocular Disease Residency

The Mission

The Residency in Ocular Disease at Columbus Ophthalmology Associates seeks to provide outstanding optometric graduates with an intensive clinical and didactic experience in ocular disease diagnosis and treatment.

Individuals completing the program will be qualified to provide a high level of clinical care in the management of ocular disease and serve as faculty within optometric institutions or participate in optometric educational programs.

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The Goals

Improve the resident’s skills and clinical judgment necessary to diagnose and manage primary eye conditions in a competent and efficient manner and maintain the standard of care.

Increase the resident’s knowledge of ocular surgical procedures.

Provide the resident opportunities and resources to acquire increased knowledge of ocular diseases, as well as communicative and teaching skills so the resident is comfortable in an academic and clinical education modality.

Elevate the resident’s skills in academic pursuits, such as lectures and publications.

Enhance the resident’s ability to teach healthcare professionals.

Expose the resident to multiple subspecialties in eyecare, other healthcare professionals and optometric organizations.

To achieve these goals, the resident will provide direct patient care, attend lectures and seminars, participate in specialized clinical programs, and conduct original research.

Shail Gajjar, O.D.

Current Resident

Shail Gajjar, OD

Houston, TX

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Optometry School:
University of Houston College of Optometry

Clinical Interests/Research:
Specialty Contact Lenses, Myopia Management, and Glaucoma

Program Requirements

The following Scholarly Activities are required of the resident in order to satisfy completion of the program:

doctor signing paperwork

Additionally, residents will:

  • Attend and complete all assigned clinic sessions, conduct themselves in a professional manner, and remain until all patients are cared for and they are excused by the clinic supervisor
  • Attend and document all other scholarly and didactic activities
  • Complete all assigned evaluations of the program and faculty

Eligibility & Application Procedures

1. Apply through and participate in ORMatch

2. Graduate from an accredited school or college of optometry prior to matriculation into the residency program

3. Pass Part I, Part II, and Part III of the National Board of Examiners in Optometry exams.

4. Send the following required application materials to the Residency Program Coordinator:

Selection Process

Get in touch

If you are interested in the Ocular Disease Residency, contact us.

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