Vision Service Plan (VSP)

First and foremost, thank you for choosing Columbus Ophthalmology Associates. We know there are multiple alternatives for your eye care needs, but we feel Columbus Ophthalmology Associates provides you with the best possible care available in Central Ohio.

VSP premier programVSP is the only vision plan in which we participate at both offices. Please determine if you are on this plan before arriving for your appointment. There has been discussion and, at times, confusion about the benefits VSP offers and how it applies to your visit. Your VSP benefit provides for an eye exam to check your vision. This basically entails checking your vision to see if you are myopic (nearsighted) or hyperopic (farsighted) and if you need new eyeglasses or a change in your current eyeglasses.

VSP is not intended as a medical exam to diagnose or treat eye disease or pathology. If you are diagnosed with any pathology, such as, but not limited to, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration or diabetes, these types of conditions are covered under your health insurance and the doctor will bill your exam accordingly.

If you want your visit billed to VSP for your vision correction, we will be happy to schedule you for such an exam. If we uncover a medical condition, the physician will be billing your health insurance carrier because VSP does not cover the testing necessary to appropriately assess and outline a plan of treatment for any eye disease or condition.

We can only file your VSP claim if we are notified that you are a VSP member prior to you seeing our physician.

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