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Welcome to Columbus Ophthalmology Associates, a dynamic eye care organization of ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians with extraordinary educational and professional credentials. We are passionate about our patients’ experiences and constantly strive to improve their quality of life through state of the art procedures and treatments. Our mission is to preserve, restore and enhance vision by providing the highest quality medical and surgical care to our patients. Our founding principles are based on creating ethical, lifelong relationships that fulfill the needs and wishes of people of all ages. So whether you are interested in LASIK, feel you are developing a cataract or looking for contacts and glasses, we have the team of doctors with specialized areas of expertise to provide the very best results. These are the values on which Columbus Ophthalmology Associates was founded in 1983 and they will continue to be the guiding force in everything we do.

What’s New?

Eyes: Windows to Your Health

They say your eyes are the ‘windows to your soul,’ but more importantly they can reveal a lot about your health. Because a variety of diseases can show up on eye examination, regular eye exams can aid in early diagnosis and help you get treatment before a condition gets serious. The ophthalmologists at COA can Read More

Art & Eyesight

I have always done paintings for charity and never take any money for my art as I want to help others through my work. So as an ophthalmologist, I have looked closely at how our vision affects our lives, in particular people that use their eyes for a living. Photographers, painters, and even jewelers and Read More

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