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Inspire Your Heart With Art

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For thousands of years, people have been expressing themselves through art. Although the forms may be different, it serves as a reminder of our ability as human beings to create an infinite amount of possibilities. Art is a creative outlet and is so powerful it can be used as a form of therapy which allows people the freedom of self-expression. Today is National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, which is near and dear to our hearts. In and around both of our offices hang masterpiece works of art from our Dr. Orlando. He’s been painting beautiful scenes for years and we love showing off his artwork in our offices to our patients.

Dr. Orlando attended Gannon University as an undergraduate and is now a member of their Board of Trustees. One of Gannon’s key parts of their mission statement is to prepare students to become global citizens through programs grounded in the liberal arts and sciences. Though he was a chemistry major, he was required to take classes in drawing, music, drama, and other creative and artistic programs; this is where he first learned to appreciate the freedom of expression that comes from painting.

With Gannon University being located on the shores of Lake Erie, and many of his painting classes located on the Presque Island Peninsula, he and his classmates were able to experience and appreciate how colors and light are influenced by nature. “Being outdoors in such a setting also helps to increase our creative problem solving, something that is imperative for a physician and scientists, so painting has helped me in my professional career,” said Dr. Orlando.

His work has varied over the years and he uses a variety of mediums from the bright, textured features of acrylic paint to the more ethereal serenity of water colors. Dr. Orlando is sure to carry a sketch pad and camera with him when he travels. “You never know when you will come across a unique landscape or sunset,” he says. “Those photos and drawings are scattered around my art studio, which I built many years ago in our home with wonderful light from the western sky. There are literally hundreds of these just waiting to be put on canvas or paper and I usually have a dozen or so in various stages of completion.” Alongside his photography and painting, Dr. Orlando also completes a calendar every year for charity and this year’s theme is The Sun and The Sea, which features 12 water color abstract designs that are based on sunsets along the New England and Florida coasts. Dr. Orlando comments, “I have always found the colors just before and for thirty minutes after sunset to be the most glorious and a time to just reflect and look inward.” He adds, “Painting is a very life affirming passion and I enjoy sharing my creations with my patients in our office as well as the many friends and clients that have donated to the various charities I have completed work for. It has become a way for me to share this gift that I have continued to nurture since my days on the Gannon campus. I hope you enjoy them.”


>Aspen Sunset by Dr. Richard Orlando



Cape Elizabeth by Dr. Richard Orlando

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